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22 years old, he graduated from Taiwan's Fu Jen Catholic University Mass Communication Department of candidates to a TV reporter outside the internship.
  A month later, an interview with director replica louboutin boots gave him a task: an interview with Taiwan's well-known after a week of "geeks" Li Ao. He knew that Li Ao and his aloof, verbally sharp, before there are many reporters in an interview, he suffered a lot of embarrassment. Therefore, in order to complete the victory of the first interview, he did a lot of preparatory work, including an interview with Ao examine some video clips, Li Ao's family background, Li Ao's personal preferences, even Li Ao's dressing habits, daily life, What to eat vegetables every detail.
  After a week of intense work, everything is ready. This morning, he was interviewed on her own bag and was about to get out from behind his father shouted to him:! "? How cheap louboutin heels are you ready", "everything is ready, only a strong wind," he confidently told his father. "Oh." Father nodded slightly and did not praise his son.
  Thought for a moment, he walked in front of his son, "let me see your interview inside the package are installed something?" "Of course." He has been very trust my father. Then he lay down interview package, unzip their father checks.
  Watching the interview bulging bag, did not cheap louboutin outlet say whether the father, but the inside of the microphone Yeah, materials and other things like it like to come up to put in the ground. Wait until there are all holding empty, this father looked up: "! I see you have less like" he was stunned: "No, father, I'm ready for a week, but last night I was straight up check it again, definitely not something less. "" is less the same! "Father's tone was so firm. "What is that?" He asked his father. "You should be more prepared for himself a pair of shoes, and a pair of sturdy shoes!" My father looked at him with deep eyes.
  He laughed: "??? You see the shoes on my feet do replica christian louboutin boots not do an interview wearing shoes, two pairs of shoes do you want," he told his father's request was funny. However, the father looked very serious, did not look like a joke: "You and the person being interviewed an appointment?" "A week ago, made an appointment, no question," he answered simply!. "But if he had other more important things, it refused to interview today?" "This ......" This question he did not think in advance, nor the columns of his preparation problems.
  "So, you have to do the worst, to be successfully completed this task, you must be prepared to run more of the road, ten or even a hundred times more than usual way, you have to prepare the foot worn shoes. replica christian louboutin heels So you a pair of shoes should be more prepared. "
  His father's words, that he awakened. Since then, every time before the interview, he should follow the worst, will be ready to do more detailed work. In his own words: "I always remember my father's remind, in his interview with the bag, and more on foot to prepare a pair of shoes!"
  It was with this unit Spirit "bring a spare pair of shoes," he ran from a small news reporter, has grown to become Taiwan's first male anchor. He is, once for five consecutive years as one of "top ten most popular anchor in Taiwan," Phoenix Gold now show "Tiger Talk" host of well-known anchor Huyi Hu in Hong Kong.
  If you do not fully anticipated the difficulties, if not more christian louboutin red bottoms replica than ready for some serious road running than others, even if you have another grand dreams, but also to those who may die a sudden blow. So, in your luggage in life, may wish to bring an extra pair of shoes, the more difficult to meet future challenges and tempered.