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  Tips to choose baby shoes
  1. Material aspects
  Material is very important, the balenciaga arena shoe in white choice of material also determines the degree of fine workmanship and quality issues. Good toddler shoes, the toe should be relatively hard, very good side and toe shoes to avoid collision were too soft, then will increase and toes inside the shoe surface friction will hurt your baby's skin. In addition, the material better shoes, work will be relatively fine, no thread exposed, pins are relatively uniform width is also more appropriate.
  2. The sole aspect
  The sole consideration Balenciaga Arena Creased Leather equally important to choose too hard will make it easy for baby wrestling, but too soft words will stimulate the baby's skin, are not conducive to the baby learning to walk. So when choosing toddler shoes, also look at the soles to see how flexible kind, flexible and elastic damping can be, but also have anti-skid bottom surface texture and balance bar, in order to avoid the baby because of unsteady gait and slippery down.
  3. breathable aspects
  Choose breathable toddler shoes balenciaga for men shoes should also consider the issue, as long as some parents choose good ventilation in the summer you can, and need to keep warm in winter without ventilation, this idea is not correct, it is the most in need of ventilation in winter time. When the baby movement will produce sweat, they sweat the need for timely discharge, if not breathable skin will cause the baby's feet are soaked in sweat, the passage of time is likely to lead to frostbite or fester. So no matter what the season, choose toddler shoes breathable issues must be considered in order to be able to easily sweat balenciaga shoe size of healthy functional toddler shoes appropriate.
  What is a toddler shoes, there are three main features: the
  1, the soles should be hard, but most people are misunderstanding: Sole want the softer the better
  2, the toe should be hard, in order to protect the child's toes will not be kicked
  3, the sole front foot at the junction sneaker shop online should be soft, can be bent to fit the toddler children walking characteristics.
  In addition to these three functions, toddler shoes two most important features are:
  1. The soles have flat feet arch designed to prevent. Since infancy, when the baby is not to form the arch, arch design to prevent the need to wear with flat feet.
  2. toddler shoe uppers to be high, to be higher than the foot of "lateral ankle." Because the baby's lateral ligaments loose, so there will be small when standing or best high top shoes walking foot easy Tasikmalaya, thereby raising future within easy walking poor posture or outside the eight of eight.   Talk about health, every day must be really serious for children to feet, because the skin of the foot area, though small, it accounts for only 70% of the skin area of the body, but the body's sweat glands are gathered in the footsteps of 40%, and under there 250 000, discharge sweat almost every day a small cup, the sweat fat, protein, plus shoes airtight, this bacteria is very fast. The best is to make every child's shoes to dry out of the insole, and do not let children wear wet shoes, if allowed two pairs of shoes balenciagas shoes I think it is more appropriate to be worn backwards, be sure to dry.